Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last day of class in H-town

So it's the last day in class, meaning we leave the day after tomorrow. Legit eh? I'm so excited and obviously nervous, but so are some other people going so it's all good.
Gracias madre for letting me go on this trip!! And for paying for it along with all the other stuff I had to buy for it. I'll bring you something interesting.
Even though I took photography all of senior year, this is so much better... duhhh. Everything we're learning in the class I've already learned so I guess I'm just helping a bunch of people with their stuff and finishing mine in my own time. No worries.
So this trip is going to kick up my communications/photography major at University of Denver in the fall. What a sweet portfolio I'll walk in with! Woohoo!
Blogs are weird and awkward if you haven't noticed.
Oh and hello to the ladies at the front desk! haha
Lets GOOOOOOOO already!!!!!

...and I can't play guitar. But I like the picture. But don't worry, I took the pic.

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