Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 28

We started the day by learning how to take panoramic pictures along with HDR photos. We also were taught how to take light tunnel pictures and night photos with lights. After lunch we had a long discussion between all of the students of the school here and us. It was basically a Q&A where we mostly answered their questions about America. I think we taught them a lot because many Africans believe all mzungus have money and they believe Hollywood is how we all live. So we basically corrected their point of view which I think makes a big difference. They also taught us many interesting facts about Africa and told us how they keep occupied, what they wanted to do in life, what they stressed and worried about, racism in America, how the World Cup was going, politics, the environment, and any other questions anyone had. What amazed me the most was their answers to what they worried about: rape, HIV/AIDS, and going against God. Just discussing that topic was interesting because they said many people in Africa are too embarrassed to get tested for diseases so that’s why HIV/AIDS spreads easily here. They also informed us about the different religions and how they are looked down upon if they get tested because they might have the illness. The discussion of all these topics probably took an hour and a half, but I was really interested the whole time and participated in discussion most of the time.

We worked on our on assignment projects the rest of the day and presented them tonight in front of all of the students, kids, and adults here. Mine was on the teeth of Tanzania and my presentation went well as did mostly everyone else. After we all presented, the children and students brought out a cake while dancing that said “KARIBU NI TENA” which translates “Welcome again.” It was definitely an interesting cake; white cake with chocolate pudding-like frosting with carrot shavings on top. It wasn’t too bad unless you had too many carrots on your piece. The children went to bed and the students all took night photos with flashlights, writing in the sky. Music started playing so we all started dancing which was really fun and entertaining for about an hour.

We’re leaving tomorrow and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think I’m excited just to go home and relax, but this experience has been so great that I just want to remember it and keep it going.

June 29-30

We flew home. The first flight went well- I actually slept a bit and we had our own tvs. Mine worked some of the time which got annoying when I wanted to watch a movie and couldn't. So I watched our flight go over Greece and then I think I fell back asleep. Oh, and I sat next to Lindsey which was fun. And there was a gorgeous guy a few rows ahead that was fun to look at when he stood up a couple times.. haha

I bought a hoodie in Amsterdam during the layover along with gummy airplanes and a shot glass to add to my never used collection.

The second flight was a little more interesting. There weren't personal tvs so I watched parts of Alice and Wonderland and Invictus on the community tvs. Unfortunately, one of the tvs was kind of far to see and the other was right above my head so it was hard to watch. I sat next to 2 girls, one my age and the other was like 25. I found out that the one my age had just graduated from Foster High School and was going to Baylor and the other was just a friend of hers. So when I was working on my book on my computer, I showed them my pictures and told them about the trip.

July 1

Back at school, I worked on my book and exchanged group photos with the other students while it poured rain outside. I didn't finish my book until I got home.

July 2

I went to warped tour and was going to buy a pair of sunglasses. The black man selling them had an accent so I asked where he was from and he said Africa. So I asked if he spoke Swahili and I think he said yes. So I started saying a few things in the language and ended up getting my glasses for $5 instead of $10. Success with my Swahili knowledge!!!

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